What is the NextSTAR Program?

    The Minto Skating Club has developed the NextSTAR program to introduce young skaters from CanSkate (Learn to Skate) to the STARskate program. Sessions consist of three group lessons focusing of sport specific skills linked to the Skate Canada Star 1 tests. To help young athletes become the best that they can be, this program includes dry land training to help develop agility, coordination, balance, speed, flexibility, etc.

    Program Objective

    • To create a fun and active learning environment that engages skaters’ interest and challenges athletic and personal development appropriate to this particular stage
    • To develop and consolidate basic sport specific skills while continuing to develop motor skills (agility, balance, coordination, rhythm, time/space orientation, speed, dexterity) and control of movement
    • To acquire and demonstrate a good understanding of the mechanics of jumping and spinning
    • To develop some understanding of artistic training, under the umbrella of technical training. Artistic knowledge is relative to the technical proficiency and age of skaters
    • To introduce conditioning, off-ice technical jumping skills and fundamental mental skills including concentration, self-motivation, visualization, relaxation, positive self-talk and goal setting
    • To develop self-confidence, focus and positive attitude
    • To instill a love of figure skating.

    How Young Skaters enter the program


    • Evaluated on the 3Ps.
      (Power, Posture, and Passion)

    What does the NextSTAR program Offer

    • Three, 15 min group lessons
    • Progress report at the end of season
    • Parent info sessions
    • Fun group atmosphere
    • Off- ice training

    Program Requirements

    • Continue with one CanSkate session per- week
    • Participate in the Off-Ice program
    • Continue wearing a CSA approved hockey helmet (for stage 5 and below)
    • Wear figure skates