Congratulations to our Challenge 2012 team!



    Congratulations to all our skaters

    that competed at Challenge 2012.

    We are very proud of you all!

    If you missed any of their performances you can

    find those archived by Skatebuzz here.



    Pre-Novice Ladies                                                            Short                  Freeskate           Overall

    Sophie Fu                                                                           12th                        9th                    10th                              

    Sheena Hardwick-Kelly                                                      19th                       21st                    21st

    Analisa Love-Tedjou tomo                                                   17th                      20th                   18th

    Morgan McMillan                                                                38th                       24th                    30th


    Pre-Novice Men

    Hugh Brabyn-Jones                                                          15th                         16th                    16th

    Andriyko Goyaniuk (Rideau)                                              3rd                            1st                     2nd             

    Cameron Hines                                                                  22nd                       17th                    21st


    Novice Ladies

    Zoe Gong                                                                          28th                          21st                   20th

    Lisa Nasu-Yu                                                                   17th                          10th                  11th               -   Qualified for Nationals


    Novice Men

    Ian Gibson                                                                         25th                         21st                    22nd

    Jeff Hough                                                                       12th                         17th                    14th               -   Qualified for Nationals

    Patrick Sachsalber (Glen Cairn)                                        23rd                         22nd                   24th


    Junior Ladies

    Anna McCorriston                                                             10th                         27th                     19th


    Senior Ladies

    Alexandrine Chong                                                           32nd                         32nd                    32nd

    <removed by request>                                                     24th                           30th                     29th


    Pre-Novice Dance                                         Pattern 1             Pattern 2          Free Dance            Overall

    Vanessa Chartrand/Christian Reekie                12th                     17th                   17th                        15th
    (CPA Hull/Gloucester)


    Novice Dance

    Samantha Glavine/Jeff Hough                          1st                     3rd                     1st                          2nd               -   Qualified for Nationals

    Cassandra Lapierre/Malcolm Jones                   19th                   21st                   20th                        19th


    Junior Dance                                                             Short                       Freeskate               Overall

    Catherine Culhane/Simon Mondor                               17th                            17th                      17th



    Senior Dance

    Helene Letourneau/Kevin Boczar                                                         bye to nationals


    Pre-Novice Pair

    Sara-Jade Latulippe/Alex Leak                                      6th                            10th                       9th

    (CPA Vaudreuil/Minto) Quebec sectionals


    **If we have missed any results please let us know**