Passing of Chris Parish

    We are saddened to acknowledge the recent passing of Chris Parish. Chris was a parent of a skater and an active board member who greatly contributed to our skating community with his time, energy and photographs. He was responsible for several years of skater head-shots which were featured in our showcase as well as candid photos from the skating gala and other special events. He was a committed member of the Summer Skate committee for several years and contributed his construction knowledge and skill to make Summer Skate a success after the move to a new venue in 2017.

    Few people live life with the zest and enthusiasm of Chris. His active lifestyle and occasional misadventures made for great stories and his energy and adventurous spirit were infectious. Chris led by example for how to stay active as the years ticked by and challenged others to try to keep up.

    Chris was a valued friend of the club and his kindness and creativity will be greatly missed. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time.

    Details of his passing and the replay of his memorial service can be found at: