Club Structure


    The Minto Skating Club is a non-profit organization constituted under the authority of Skate Canada within its Eastern Ontario Section. The Club sends a delegate to the annual meetings of both the national and sectional organizations.

    The Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers elected by members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting in late spring. Board members fulfill the following responsibilities:

    • The President chairs the meetings, drafts the agenda, sits in on committee meetings periodically, and generally provides the overall leadership and direction for the club.
    • The Vice President provides support and direction to the Club in all areas, participates on committees, and acts on behalf of the President in her or his absence.
    • The Treasurer prepares the budget and authorizes expenses.
    • The Secretary records minutes of Board meetings and summary of action items.
    • The Director of Administration co-ordinates administrative aspects of the Club.
    • The Coaches’ Representative attends all Board meetings, and brings the coaches’ issues and concerns to the attention of the Board.

    Also important to the Club are the following officers who are not necessarily Board members:

    • The Executive Director of Skating, a paid employee, reports to the Board on current issues and concerns, organizes seminars for skaters and parents, and represents the club in marketing and public relations initiatives.
    • The Office Administrator, also a paid employee, looks after clerical and administrative duties, including registration, fees, organizing events, and communicating with club members.
    • The Test Chair, a voluntary position, plans and organizes test days and reports to the Board on issues relating to testing.

    Club Constitution and By-laws

    For those interested in more details, here is a copy of the Minto Skating Club Constitution and By-laws. We're working on getting a more readable copy.