Club History


    Don Jackson1904 - Founded by Their Excellencies, the Earl and Countess of Minto. Lord Minto was then the Governor - General of Canada and gave permission for the Earl's coronet to be part of the Club crest.

    Membership was composed of 15 gentlemen and a few lady associates, most being members of the Rideau Skating Club, organized about 1885. Ladies were subsequently admitted to full membership.

    Skating sessions were held once or twice a week on the outdoor rink at Government House. Members were required to pass a skating test. Skating facilities were obtained at the Rideau Rink on Laurier Avenue, and later at Dey's Arena also on Laurier Avenue.

    1911 - First professional coach was engaged from Europe, his name was Mr. Held. Later, Mr. Dunbar Poole was engaged. He alternated his coaching between The Minto Skating Club and his rink in Australia during their winter (Canada's summer).

    1913 - Juniors were admitted to membership.

    1916 - Skating exhibitions, competitions, and shows, became annual events.

    1922 - Minto Skating Club officially incorporated as a 'Club'. Ice facilities were obtained at the new Rideau Rink on Caller Street.

    1926 - The first 'MINTO FOLLIES' were staged - an immediate outstanding success and the forerunner of a popular tradition (1926 - 1982).

    1931 - Artificial ice-making machine was installed in the Minto Rink.

    1933 to 1935 - The Laurentian Skating Club merged with The Minto Skating Club.

    1930 - 1940 - Many Minto members became International and Canadian champions.

    1947 - 1948 - Barbara Ann Scott, Minto member, became Olympic, World, North American, and Canadian Champion.

    1949 - The Minto Skating Rink on Waller Street was completely destroyed by fire! Members skated on the Government House open-air rink, at the Auditorium, and at Buckingham until 1952.

    1952 - The new Minto Skating Club facilities were built on Henderson Avenue.

    1959 - The rink on Henderson was sold to the University of Ottawa. From then until 1986 ice facilities were rented from the University, City of Ottawa and the City of Vanier.

    1986 - 1987 - The present Club complex was built on Lancaster Road, with a GALA OPENING!