During the 2013-14 season, the Club had increased efforts directed towards fundraising through the production of the ice show “Fire and Ice”, frozen berry sales, and bake sales as well as the annual Minto Summer Skate. This money has helped to ensure ice fees remain affordable. A big thank you to parents and businesses for all the effort and support.

    As mentioned in the President’s Letter, this season the Minto Skating Club will have a continued increased focus on fundraising with three main fundraising activities to help keep the current level of programming affordable. During the month of October, there will be two events; selling of chocolate bars and a GM Test Drive during the Sectionals Simulation scheduled on Saturday, October 25th. In February, we have frozen berry sales scheduled.

    Chocolate Bars:  We will be asking each family to sell two cases of Belgian chocolate bars (Lamontagne chocolates). Each case contains 30 chocolate bars and each bar is to be sold for $3.  The club receives 50% of sales from the chocolate bar. That is 30 bars x $3/bar = $90 x 50% = $45.   As an incentive, there will be a draw for two prizes: a pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones (value=$250; donated by Yves Fortier, sales representative at Lamontagne)  as well as featured spot to skate a solo at the Christmas Extravaganza scheduled on December 20th at the Club.  The way the draw will work is that for every case a family sells above the 2 case minimum, they will receive a ticket into the draw.  For example, Family X sells 5 cases, their name will be entered three times into the draw (5 cases – 2 case minimum = 3 tickets).

    The “Chocolate Bar Sales” will be for the month of October with cases distributed starting October 2nd.   We will send out an e-mail with times available to pick up the cases of chocolate bars.  We will be looking to collect money by October 31st. Our goal is to sell 200 cases which will yield the club $9000 in funding.  Should skaters wish to sell chocolates outside a local business (like the Girl Guides in front of Chapters), we would ask that you get permission from the local business.  We can also provide a letter from the skating club. Wearing your Minto Skating Club Sweater along with parental supervision, this can be a great way to sell chocolate bars. 

    GM Test DriveOn Saturday, October 25th, Surgenor GM  will have cars at the Minto Arena that can be test driven. The club receives $25 per test drive for each family that test drives a car. Surgernor GM has asked the club to provide 3 volunteers to help with the day. If you are available to lend a hand that afternoon, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Closer to October 25th, we will have more info posted on the website and at the club but please mark the date in your calendar and invite your friends and family.  It is a fun way to test out some new cars and an easy way for the Club to raise funds. 

    Skate Ontario Promotional Contest - You will also have seen the notice that the tickets for the Skate Ontario Promotional Contest can be picked up at the office. For the 2014-15 skating season, the Board decided to replace the fundraising fee by kick starting fundraising efforts by participating in the Skate Ontario Promotional Contest (prizes drawn a the Skate Ontario STARSkate Championships in March) which will redirect funds back to the Club. It also provides skaters and families the opportunity to offset the cost of the fundraising fee. Tickets can then be sold at $2 each so families can recover the cost. (Prizes include a Ford Mustang, a TV entertainment system and iPads (http://www.skate-eos.on.ca/Documents/2014-15/14-15_Promo-Information.pdf).  

    This is the first year that Minto Skating Club has participated in the Skate Ontario Promotional Contest along with the Chocolate Bar Sales & GM Drive Event.  We will use the feedback from this year to help shape future years fundraising efforts. Thank you in advance for your continuing support of the Minto Skating Club as we strive in our mission to “promote the pursuit of excellence by providing first-class training experiences to a diverse ice skating community”.

    Thank you in advance for your support

    Wistara van Snellenberg  and  Patty Wilson