Adventures Through Mystical Worlds DVDs now available for pick up

The 2016 Minto Ice Show was a hit!  Now you can buy the DVD to relive the moment.

DVDs are $20 each and there is 1 version including the afternoon show CanSkaters and 1 including the evening show CanSkaters to choose from.  To order click here.

Discs can now be picked up at Minto Skating Club Office!


Board Nominations

The Club's Annual General Meeting will be held on October 29th following the sectional simulation.

We are required by our constitution to propose a full slate of candidates for election and it is the role of the nominating committee to assemble the slate of candidates. The Nominating committee is comprised of at least one board member and one non-board member, so if you're able to help out with this role, please contact Erich (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

If you're interested in becoming part of next year's board or nominating someone you think would be appropriate, nominations are accepted up until 3 days before the AGM or speak to the memers of the nominating committee.

Nomination Form

Nomination Acceptance Form

Figure Skating Registration

Registration for figure skating including Minto STARTers is now online.

Fall / Winter Session

Fall warm-up week

Lindt Make a Difference Campaign

As a follow up from our skaters and families volunteering for Lindt at Stars On Ice here is the full video of our "Minto Hero Story" that the Lindt Make a Difference Campaign produced.  Lynne Hudson has a special place in our hearts and it is wonderful that Lindt chose to honour her.   Thank you Lynne for your all you've done and your continuing support!

Don't forget to visit and share your hero story too!


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