153The Club also depends on the efforts of many volunteers, who assist in the planning, organizing, and success of various Club events:

    • On Test Days, volunteers coordinate refreshments for the judges, help with registration, work as ice captains, and assist with music and announcements.
    • The Minto Summer Skate competition, held on the long weekend at the beginning of August, is the largest and most significant event of the year at the Club and one of the largest annual competitions in the country. Volunteers do everything from setup and teardown to greeting and registering skaters, organizing hospitality, helping with ice events, collecting admission, providing security, and many other duties. Funds raised at this event provide key support for the Club.
    • Volunteers organize send-off parties, which support and encourage skaters heading for major competitions.
    • Club ice shows depend on volunteers to coordinate refreshments, collect tickets, and help with younger skaters. There is generally a small show before the winter holidays and a larger CanSkate-based show at the beginning of March.
    • For the annual Awards Banquet, volunteers help to organize and promote the event, sell tickets, prepare trophies and certificates, and create a program to honour achievements of Club skaters past and present.
    • Volunteers maintain the bulletin boards, keeping information up-to-date and attractive, to showcase skaters’ achievements.
    • At fundraising events (skate-a-thons, bake sales, raffles, entertainment book sales, etc.) help is always needed, at every level.

    If you are interested in helping out, please contact the Club office: we need you!