42Skaters in both the STARSkate program and the Competitive program take tests on a regular basis to assist in assessing their skills, planning for progress, and qualifying for events.

    Tests are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the season, and are necessary to ensure skaters’ progression. The Test Chair determines the date in conjunction with the Club and with Skate Canada, which provides judges. When a Test Day is forthcoming, coaches are advised, and notice is posted at the Club. Coaches indicate to their skaters which skills or segments of their program are ready for testing. Skaters submit test envelopes, with payment for each test requested, to the Club office. The Test Chair coordinates a schedule, which is then posted at the Club.

    The test is a formal process, with specific etiquette to be followed. Skaters on test are required to arrive one hour prior to their scheduled test times, in costume and ready to skate.

    Spectators are welcome, and are expected to behave with decorum, respecting the judge’s need to focus on the skaters, and the skaters’ need to focus on the test.

    After the test, the judge provides each skater with a written assessment and a pass/fail grade. A skater who is unsuccessful at a test is permitted to re-try the test at a future test day. Not showing up for a test after it has been scheduled is marked as a failure. (Test results are noted on both the skater’s and coach’s Skate Canada records, as the coach’s test records are monitored.)

    Test days require cancellation of some regularly-scheduled sessions, though an effort is made to minimize this disruption. Skaters may make up missed sessions on another day.