Skating Up Policy

    Skating Up/Down Policy (rev September 2011)



    To provide skaters an option to skate up/down on a session that they are not yet qualified for, in a fair and equitable way that demonstrates transparency and flexibly to all skaters that skate at Minto Skating Club. Consideration will only be granted to Skaters who are requesting to skate-up not more than one test level.



    1. Have your student register for the session they are qualified for at the time of registration. A request must be made for each registration period (Fall/Winter, Pre-Summer, and Summer).

    2. The coach is to make a formal request to the office for an exception to skate on the requested session (please provide the details of the request, i.e. tests passed and the reasoning for the request); a form will be available in the coaches room.

    3. The Office Administrator will provide the numbers enrolled for that session to Skating Coordinator or Coach's Representative. If the numbers on that session permit, the request will proceed.

    4. The Skating Coordinator and Coach's Representative will discuss the request with all coaches and a decision will be made. The basis for decision includes, but is not limited to: safety concerns for the session, the ability of skater requesting permission, the number of qualified skaters registered, and the skater's use of the available sessions that they are qualified for. If the coaches can't make a collective decision, the request will then go to an appointed assessor/judge who will evaluate the skater's suitability for the session.