Competitive Program

37The Competitive program is for those who show potential as competitive skaters. In order to compete in this stream, skaters are required to achieve at a specific level. (Coaches will advise if this is an appropriate option for a skater.)

The competitive disciplines are singles, pairs and ice dance: skaters take tests specific to their chosen discipline. In pairs and dance, competitive-stream skaters train with their regular partners as a team.

Tests in this stream are more stringent than those offered in STARSkate, and they lead skaters to Skate Canada events which qualify them for national and international competition. Some of the competitive levels include age restrictions. Details are available from the Skate Canada website at (Coaches can provide this information as well.)

At Minto, we have a strong contingent of competitive skaters, especially in ice dance and freeskating, and coaches certified to guide them at all levels of development. Minto skaters who have competed nationally and internationally are recognized on the banners in the Don Jackson Rink.
Among the benefits available to competitive-stream skaters are these:

  • The opportunity to qualify to compete at the Eastern Ontario Sectional Championships, Eastern Challenge, Junior Nationals and/or Canadian Senior National Championships;
  • The opportunity to be selected to Skate Canada's National Team, Junior National Team, or Synchronized National Team;
  • The opportunity to be selected to represent Canada internationally at one of more than 30 competitions each year at World and Olympic level.
  • Skate Canada and Eastern Ontario Section funding for top skaters who qualify for development teams based on their results at high-level competitions.
  • Limited funding by Minto, when available, to help with travel or expenses for skaters who qualify for high-level competitions.

Competitive skaters take part in a progression of qualifying competitions leading up to the Canadian National Championships each year, starting with sectional competitions. The Minto Skating Club is part of the Eastern Ontario Section, and is eligible to send representatives at every level.

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