Skater Recognition and Support Policy


(Interim for 2010/11 Competitive Season)


The purpose of this policy is to recognize and support the achievements of Minto Skating Club members who participate in Club programs (registered for at least three sessions per week during the fall/winter session).


Recognition may come in by the way of a send-off party, competitive simulation, accomplishment cheque, and/or partial reimbursement of coach expenses and fees. In the case of send-off parties and competition simulations, all skaters who train at Minto will be recognized. In order to qualify for accomplishment cheques and reimbursement of expenses, members must have identified Minto as their home club.

The Board of Directors will determine the Club’s ability to provide support for each event on an annual basis. This will be posted in the minutes and made available to the Minto Skating Club membership. The Board will take into consideration the following, but not limited to, circumstances when determining the annual amount available for skater recognition: financial state of the Club, location of event, and number of potential skaters to participate. The club reserves the right to revisit the amount paid out, at any point in the season.

Events to be Recognized:



2) Sectionals

3) Challenge

4) Nationals (Junior and Senior)

5) Trillium Cup / Trillium StarSkate


All performance cheques and reimbursement for coaching fees/expenses will be paid at the end of March. Receipts for reimbursement of expenses must be submitted by February 15, any receipts that are submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. Skaters may only summit expenses for one coach. Skaters qualifying in two disciplines (i.e. freeskate and dance) are eligible to receive accomplishment cheques and reimbursement for coaching fees/expenses for each discipline.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to withhold payment for any reason what so ever.

Prepared by Darryl VanLuven, Minto SC - Skating Coordinator, 3-Nov -2010 Approved Dec. 14, 2010