Registration and Payment

    Member registration

    25 Member registration takes place prior to each session: Fall/Winter/Spring, Pre-Summer, and Summer School. All club skaters, including CanSkate participants, are members of Skate Canada and the Eastern Ontario Section. Skaters must complete registration before they begin skating. Registration forms and ice schedules are available at in the Forms section of this site and at the Club office.

    CanSkate registration

    CanSkate participants pay only CanSkate fees, which include membership in Skate Canada and Eastern Ontario section, and must complete registration before they begin skating. The separate CanSkate registration forms, including ice schedules, are available in the forms section of this site and at the Club office.


    Payment for the Fall/Winter/Spring session, payments may be made in installments, with a deposit of 30% of the total registration fee due at the time of registration. An installment of 30% is due on October 15 and installments of 20% each on January 15 and March 15. For the Pre-Summer and Summer School sessions, payment is due in full at time of registration.


    Skaters qualify for ice sessions according to test levels completed. If a skater has not completed tests, or wishes to skate on a session for which he or she may not be formally qualified, an application for assessment may be made to the Executive Director of Skating, who will determine appropriateness of the skater’s request, assisted, as required, by the advice of a qualified Skate Canada judge. By the same token, a skater may be moved from an ice session if the skater’s skill level is deemed by the Executive Director of Skating to pose a hazard to the skater or to others on the ice. (This may be a result of the number or speed of skaters on the ice, or of the type of activity in which skaters are engaged.)

    Program changes

    A skater wishing to make a change to his or her program after registration has been accepted may request such a change at the Club office. Changes that can reasonably be accommodated will be granted; if a change is not possible, an alternative may be suggested.


    A skater wishing to withdraw from a session after registration has been accepted should make the request in writing, providing appropriate supporting documentation. See refund policy, below.


    A refund may be provided if medical or extenuating personal circumstances make it impossible for the skater to continue with a session. Application must be made in writing, with appropriate supporting documentation. The decision to provide a refund will be made by the Board of Directors.

    Guest skate

    Skaters who wish to skate on an occasional basis are welcome to skate at sessions where space permits. A guest skate request form must be completed before the session, and payment submitted to the Club office. Guest skaters must be Skate Canada members and qualified for the session on which they wish to skate. Please note that guest skate privileges are for occasional skating only.

    Extra ice time

    also referred to as “Ticket Ice”, is sometimes available to skaters outside of the regular skating schedule (usually during breaks in the regular sessions.) Notice will be posted at the rink to advise skaters, and coaches will be informed of availability. Skaters choosing to take advantage of these sessions pay on a cash basis.