Skating Programs

    CanSkate • CanPowerSkate • Minto Starters • STARSkate • Competitive • Adults

    Minto’s six program categories are designed to suit the skill levels, experience, interests and ambitions of particular groups of skaters and reflect the program structure offered by Skate Canada nationally. These categories offer a wide variety of instruction, practice, testing, competition, and fun for skaters ranging from complete beginners to national and international competitors. This chart provides a quick overview.

    Program Purpose Participants Coaching Tests Competition
    CanSkate Learning to skate Beginners of all ages Group lessons Badges & ribbons for basic skills


    CanPowerSkate Focus on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. Already have forward/back/stop mastered Group lessons Bronze, Silver or Gold award bars


    Minto Starters Learning elements of figure skating Passed CanSkate Level 4 - Children ready for more independent work Group lessons & optional private lessons - May take part in STARSkate competitions
    STARSkate Progression through defined skill levels in the different disciplines Skaters ready to advance through skills, tests, achievements, recognition Private lessons STARSkate test levels in four disciplines STARSkate competitions from club through provincial levels
    Competitive Training for competition & for competitive-level tests in the different disciplines More advanced skaters who want the challenge of competition Private lessons More demanding competitive-level tests Competitions from local through international levels
    Adults A choice of programs to suit the skater, including adults-only ice time Adults from beginners to competitors Optional private or group lessons, depending on program choice Optional tests at levels for which the skater is qualified Adult competitions from local through international levels