Music Rules

      1. 77Coaches are allowed 3 programs to be played from the coach’s line during a skating session. Note: If a coach puts 2 programs back to back in coaches line another coach, who is waiting, may place their skaters lesson solo between. (As a courtesy inform the other coach what you have done.)
      2. Skaters are allowed their music once during a session.


    Playing your music a second time in a session

    • When all skaters have had an opportunity to have their music played.
    • When music machines are not being used.
    • Be courteous and allow a skater(s) who have not had their music played in current or any earlier session to move to the front of the skater line.

    If all coaches and skaters are fair then everyone in the skaters line should get their music. If skaters are skating two sessions in a row and did not get their music played, then they leave their music in the skaters line for the next session.

    1. To alleviate any misunderstandings, only coaches may put on programs that are in lesson line-up.
    2. Skaters are not allowed to restart music, we are trying to play as many programs as possible during a session.