The Minto Starters program provides an introduction to the specific skills of figure skating. It runs in conjunction with CanSkate, and prepares the young skater for the independent practice that figure skating requires.

    In order to enroll in the program, a skater must be sufficiently skilled and able to work independently. Club coaches or the Director of Skating can provide assessments and recommendations. The session consists of a warm-up and group lesson, supplemented by free time to practice with an option for private lessons.

    The Minto Starters fee includes Club membership, which gives skaters the option of signing up for additional ice time.

    Moving on to higher streams and levels

    Further progress into figure skating is provided through the Skate Canada STARSkate and Competitive programs offered at Minto. Participants advance at their own rate by passing skating tests within a structure provided by Skate Canada. Skaters benefit from the discipline and organization of these programs. They can develop not only their skating but also a variety of life skills, including goal setting, focus, ability to deal with success and failure, time management, and principles of fair play and sportsmanship.