(Inter)National skating championships & Olympic selections

As the time before the 2014 Sochi Olympics gets shorter, various national championships are taking place around the world with Olympic team members being named.

In the past few days the Japanese championships took place - there was a wealth of talent in the singles disciplines but only 3 men and 3 ladies could be selected. To check out the nationals results go here. Using these results plus results from earlier in the year, such as the Grand Prix circuit, the Japanese Skating Federation named the following to their Olympic team: Ladies - Mao Asada, Akiko Suzuki and Kanako Murakami; Men - Yuzuru Hanyu, Tatsuki Machida and Daisuke Takahashi. They will be joined, for the new Olympic team event, by Takahashi & Kihara (Pairs) and Reed & Reed (Ice Dance).  Following the championships both Miki Ando and Nobunari Oda announced their retirement from competitive skating.

Earlier in December several other countries announced their Olympic selections including:

  • Australia - Brooklee Han (Ladies); Brendan Kerry (Men); Danielle O'Brien & Greg Merriman (ice dance)
  • Czech Republic - Michal Brezina, Tomas Verner (Men); Elizaveta Ukolova (Ladies)
  • Great Britain - Jenna McCorkell (Ladies); Nick Buckland & Penny Coomes (Ice Dance); David King & Stacey Kemp (Pairs); s representative)
  • Israel - Alexei Bychenko (Men); Yevgeny Krasnopolski & Andrea Davidovich (Pairs)
  • Sweden - Viktoria Helgeson (Ladies); Alexander Majorov (Men)

Some countries who have qualified for the new team event, such as Japan and Great Britain, will name skaters for that event who will not participate in the regular Olympic competition.

The Russian national championships began on Dec. 24th and they are normally considered as the Russian Olympic qualifying event. Certain results, however, have caused the federation to await the completion of the European Championships (Jan. 13-19) to name their team. One issue is the health status of Evgeni Plushenko who underwent spinal surgery earlier in the year and finished 2nd in the national championships to Maxim Kovtun.

Expect more announcements in the coming weeks.

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