ISU 2015-16 Grand Prix continues with the first event outside North America this season, the Cup of China

The annual ISU Grand Prix began in October with Skate America in Milwaukee, WI. That was followed by Skate Canada in Lethbridge, AB. The series continues with four more events leading up to the Grand Prix final in Barcelona, Spain in December. The standings, by discipline, can be found by clicking the links on the ISU website.

This week it's the third event - the Cup of China in Beijing. Follow the event from the results website.

Skate Canada published an article about the Canadian team participating in the Cup of China.

CBC TV will be broadcasting about this event as part of their "Road to the Olympics" series on Saturday, November 7th at 1 p.m. EST. In addition, there will be a live stream of the free programs via - check the schedule.

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