4th Jr. Grand Prix event in Japan plus Sr. Challenger event in USA

The September 11-14, 2014 period brings two ISU competitions - one for juniors and one for seniors. The former is in Japan and the latter is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Canadian skaters are participating in each.

The 4th of seven Junior Grand Prix events, the Nagoya TV Cup, takes place in Aichi, Japan from September 11th through 14th. The schedule, entries and results can be found here. Skate Canada has published an article about the Canadian team on their news page. The ISU will attempt to provide a live video stream on their JGP YouTube channel. However, they are reporting that there are technical difficulties with the stream from Japan. They cannot use high definition (HD) and may experience some down time/outages even with SD. They promise that videos will be posted for viewing next week, after the event.

The standings in the 2014 JGP can be checked by clicking on the links for each discipline on this ISU page. The next three events, over the next three weekends, will take place in Estonia, Germany & Croatia.

For seniors, the ISU has introduced the "Challenger Series" - 11 events that provide an additional opportunity for skaters to earn world standing points and the minimum technical scores needed to enter other competitions. The first event of this year's series is the 2014 U.S. International Figure Skating Classic which also takes place September 11th through 14th. The schedule and results can be found on this IceNetwork page. Skate Canada has profiled the Canadian skaters participating in this event on their news page.

Good luck to all the skaters!


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