Summer Skate Practice Ice Available Now

Practice ice for Minto Summer Skate is now available.

For all the details on practice ice, go to:

Go to: for a list of the sessions that are available or you can go directly to to purchase. Many sessions are designated for specific competition levels but there is also some Open category ice.

Ice times are designated in 24h format to avoid confusion over AM and PM. 6:00 is 6:00AM. 18:00 is 6:00PM.

We are working on getting additional ice, so if you're unable to make any of the sessions that are available, complete this form to let us know what you're looking for.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Minto Summer Skate.

Minto Summer Skate Committee

STAR Performance Day at Minto Summer Skate

Alison Marsh Performance Day at Minto Summer Skate is an event for STAR skaters that occurs at the same time as the Skate Ontario Sectional Series #1 – Minto Summer Skate competition and at the same location (Richcraft SensPlex). This is a great opportunity for young skaters to participate in an event with top skaters from across the country to start their competition season with some constructive feedback from officials.

Registration for the second annual Alison Marsh Performance Day at Minto Summer Skate opens tonight at 6:00PM (18:00).

For details on this event, see

Josee Brison Insurance

Summer Skate Volunteering

Sign up now to volunteer at Minto Summer Skate at:

Gold Test Congratulations

Congratulations to the following skaters, who passed Gold tests in April:

Free Skate:

Emily Howard
Nelly Vezeau


Naomi Tsirkin

Skating Skills:

Hannah Kreft
Iliana Katsoulis
Matthew Kreft
Xander Kaminski

FlipGive FundRaising

We've launched a new fundraising initiative that won't require any door to door or corporate solicitation, just a slight change to your online shopping.

FlipGive is an organization that gives CASH BACK to Minto Skating Club for every purchase on line with one of their affiliated retailers.  There are hundreds of retailers, restaurants, travel sites and more that give 1-25% back to Minto. Just to name a few, Amazon, Under Armour, Nike, Addidas ... all give 10% back to Minto!

There are also gift-cards for many places you're already shopping like Starbucks, Indigo, Swiss Chalet, Kelseys, Montanas, Harveys, Milestones, East-side Marios, The Bay, Old Navy, American Eagle

Sign up now by clicking on: All funds raised help keep our session costs down and reduce the need for further fundraising.  It is a win-win for all!


You need to start your shopping from within Flipgive for the club to get the credit. You must create an account first. Your Invice code is: Q36F9P

Here's an intro video to give you and idea of how it works.

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