Guest Skate Policy

    Approved February 2, 2015



    To allow a skater to skate on sessions that they are not registered for, and provide flexibility to Club/Non-Club members holding a current Skate Canada membership in situations where they may want to skate beyond their regular sessions or club. Please refer to the tiered registration document for permitted numbers of Guest skate sessions in a session. 



    Skater/Parents Responsibility 

    1) The skater/parent or skaters’ coach must inform the Club office before the desired guest skate session/day 12 hours prior or in person. A skater may request permission to skate on any session that they qualify for. The Executive Director of Skating will verify the numbers on the requested session to ensure there is space available.

    2) Due to scheduling, a skater may request to skate on a session that is not their level. This request will be handled the same way as any exception to skating level criteria and must be routed through the Executive Director of skating.

    3) A guest skate form must be filled out by either the coach or skater/parent and handed into the office prior to stepping on the ice. The form must include payment (cash/cheque) or indicate bill my account. 

    4) The Club reserves the right to turn down a request for a guest skate session where safety concerns and numbers warrant. 


    Coaches Responsibility

    1) The coach must ensure his/her skaters has followed the above procedure and fill out 

    2) The coach ensures that the session has adequate supervision. The guest skate book in the coach’s room.