EOSIC 2014 Results

    Congratulations to all our skaters who represented us so well at the 2014 Eastern Ontario StarSkate Invitational Championship.  It was a pleasure to watch you all skate and make Minto proud!



    *Also medalists but no photo available are Chloe Hataley, Victoria Li and Matthew Menard*

    Pre-preliminary Ladies:
    Flight 2  - Ceildh Arp (Russell) - 10th
    Flight 3 - Illiana Katsoulis 9th
    Flight 4 - Zoe Katsoulis 11th
    Flight 5 - Catherine Coyles 10th
    Flight 6 - Kathleen Carroll 5th

    Pre-Preliminary Men:
    Matthew Menard - 2nd
    Xander Kaminski - 4th

    Preliminary Ladies:
    Flight 1 - Kaede Nguyen 2nd (Proceeds to Semi Final 2)
    Flight 2 - Nissa McKean 5th

    Flight 3 - Olivia Pasian 2nd (Proceeds to Semi Final 2)
    Flight 5 - Adele Chen 1st (Proceeds to Semi Final 1), Amy Dean 8th
    Flight 7 - Josephine Latifpour 15th
    Flight 8 - Hannah Kreft 3rd (Proceeds to Semi Final 2)

    Semi Final 1
Adele Chen 2nd (Proceeds to Final)

    Semi Final 2
    Kaede Nguyen 3rd (Proceeds to Final)
    Olivia Pasian 4th (Proceeds to Final)
    Hannah Kreft 5th

    Adele Chen 2nd
    Olivia Pasian 7th
    Kaede Nguyen 10th

    Preliminary Men
    Patrick Dunlop Ellis  4th

    Preliminary Dance
    Amy Dean/Xander Kaminski 1st
    Angela Caminiti (Nepean)/ Patrick Dunlop Ellis 2nd

    Junior Bronze Ladies:
    Flight 4 - Jessica Dean 6th
    Flight 5 - Ashley Ingram - Withdrawn
    Flight 6 - MacKenzie Cain 9th

    Senior Bronze Ladies:
    Flight 1 - Vera Cross 8th
Flight 2 - Valerie Saikaley 11th
    Flight 3 - Gabrielle Desjardin 6th

    Junior Silver Ladies
    Kate Baron 5th

    Senior Silver Ladies
    Alice Scott 13th

    Gold Ladies
    Shannon Guo 4th

    Gold Dance
    Jennifer Vincent/Andrew Wildey - exhibition

    Pre-Juvenile Women U11
    Georgia Forler 1st - Qualifies for Ontario StarSkate Championships
    Vanessa Lu Langley 9th

    Pre-Juvenile Women U14
    Elisabeth Cherkas 1st  - Qualifies for Ontario StarSkate Championships
    Camille LeBlanc (Russell) 7th
    Christina Owen (Rideau)14th
Emily Rowan (Rideau) 20th

    Pre-Juvenile Men U11
    Daniel Kreft - exhibition  - Qualifies for Ontario StarSkate Championships

    Pre-Juvenile Men U14
    Matthew Kreft - exhibition  - Qualifies for Ontario StarSkate Championships

    Juvenile Men U14:
    Lucas Nguyen 1st
    Gabriel Riendeau 2nd
    Jon Kubelka 4th

    Juvenile Women U11
    Chloe Hataley 2nd
    Victoria Li 3rd

    Juvenile Women U14

    Camille Larocque 4th
    Madeline Leroux 7th
    Laura Grasmeyer  8th
    Emma Rankin 10th
    Stephanie Saikaley 11th
    Tiffany Yang - Withdrawn

    **Please message us if your result is missed and we will add you.