Challenge 2012-2013 Results

    Final results from all our skaters at Challenge. I hope we got everyone. If we missed someone, let us know. 


    Hugh Brabyn-Jones 12th overall. Nice work Hugh!


    Vanessa Chartrand / Christian Reekie were 18th overall. Congratulations.

    Ian Gibson was unable to finish competing after injuring his knee. We're all hoping it's not too serious and you recover quickly Ian. 

    Alexis Dion finished 5th overall. Nice skating Alexis. 

    Hannah Dawson finished 24th overall.

    Analisa Love-Tedjoutomo finished 25th overall.

    Hugh Brabyn-Jones 16th after the short. Great effort Hugh! Keep it rocking for the free skate tomorrow.

    <removed by request> is 19th overall. Congratulations Dana. 


    Samantha Glavine / Jeff Hough are 12th after the Free Dance.

    Vanessa Chartrand / Christian Reekie are in 14th place after the second pattern dance. 

    <removed by request> is 13 after the short. 

    Alexis Dion is 6th after the short

    Analisa Love-Tedjoutomo is 23rd after the short

    Hannah Dawson is 26th after the short

    Vanessa Chartrand and Christian Reekie - 14th in pattern dance 1


    Samantha Glavine and Jeff Hough are 12th after the short

    Zoe Gong finished 6th overall. Congratulations Zoe.

    Taylor McGahan finished 21st overall after her free skate. Congratulations Taylor. 

    Cameron Hines finished 8th overall after his free skate. Congratulations Cameron.

    Anna McCorriston finished 8th overall after her free skate. Congratulations.

    Lisa Nasu-Yu finished 29th overall. Congratulations Lisa.


    Zoe Gong is 29th after the short.

    Taylor McGahan is 34th after the short. 

    Anna McCorriston with a personal best is 6th after the short program.

    Cameron Hines is 16th (est.) after the short program. 

    We'll post more results as we get them.