EOSIC 2011 Results

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in EOSIC this past weekend and thanks for representing Minto so well both on the ice and off. The results are trickling in. We'll post the rest of them as they come in, but here's what we've got so far.


    Pre-Preliminary Women

    Jennifer Vincent - 1st in flight. 8th in semi-final.

    Ashley Ingram - 4th in flight.

    Jenna Matsukuno - 8th in flight.

    Georgia Forler - 7th in flight

    Chloe Hatley - 3rd in flight. 3rd in semi-final flight. 1st in Final.

    Tiffany Yang - 4th in flight

    Alexandra Zakutney - 1st in flight. 1st in semi-final flight. 3rd in Final.

    Katelyn Cochrane - 4th in flight.

    Taylor Scarcella - 8th in flight.

    Pre-Preliminary Men

    Gabriel Riendeau - 4th in Final.

    Preliminary Women

    Karuna Vellino - 5th in flight.

    Mackenzie Wesley-James - 6th in flight.

    Cameron Quesnel - 3rd in flight. 8th in semi-final.

    Vera Cross - 9th in flight.

    Ainsley Hamilton - 1st in flight. 5th in semi-final. 5th in Final.

    Emma Rankin - 8th in flight.

    Stephanie Saikaley - 5th in flight.

    Madeline Leroux - 2nd in flight. 7th in semi-final.

    Preliminary Men

    Jon Kubelka - 3rd in Final.

    Johnathan Seck - 1st in Final.

    Junior Bronze Women

    Kate Baron - 5th in flight.

    Alexandra Phan - 4th in flight.

    Gabrielle Desjardins - 9th in flight.

    Valerie Saikaley - 11th in flight.

    Senior Bronze Women

    Chelsea Crozman - 2nd in flight. 10th in final.

    Francesca Whittaker - 1st in flight. 2nd in Final. Advances to Trillium StarSkate (Provincials).

    Senior Bronze Men

    Malcolm Jones - 1st in final. Qualifies for Trillium StarSkate (Provincials).

    Gold Women

    Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver - 1st in final. Qualifies for Trillium StarSkate (Provincials).

    Senior Silver Dance

    Chelsea Crozman & Nicholas LeBel - 1st in Paso Doble. 1st in Blues. 1st in category. Qualified for Trillium StarSkate (Provincials).

    PreJuvenile Women

    Laura Grassmeyer - 13th in Final.

    Full Results for the StarSkaters are here:


    The rest of the results are here: