Engaging a Coach and Private Lessons

    49Private lessons are the primary way to learn advanced figure skating skills. The General Information sections offers some guidelines about where private lessons should be started in a figure skater's development.

    Skater use private lessons to learn the necessary skills and skating programs to take tests within the STARSkate Program or the Competitive Program. Skaters may also take private lessons and not participate in any formal testing program.  Typically on a 50-minute ice session, a skater will sign up for 15 minutes of coaching and spend the other 35 minutes practicing. Learning to work independently is an important skill for a developing figure skater.

    Skaters contract individually with their coaches. Coaches set their own rates, according to their experience and qualifications, usually expressed as an hourly fee. Coaches bill the skater, and payment is made directly to the coach.  (For a list of coaches at Minto, visit the coaches section.)

    Coaches will teach skating skills and prepare students for tests. Some coaches also prepare choreography and music for programs.

    Choosing a coach is an individual decision.  A list of coaches is available through the Club office and on the Club website. Skaters can arrange to take a trial lesson from different coaches, to ensure that personalities and teaching/learning styles are compatible. Semi-private and group lessons may also be an option, depending on the coach’s availability and the skater’s needs.