84Skaters at all levels of both the STARSkate program and the Competitive program have the opportunity to participate in competitions with other skaters of similar skill level. Competitions are eagerly anticipated by many skaters as an opportunity to show off their skating skills for audiences that usually include their families and friends, and as another venue for practicing the life skills that skating encourages them to develop.

    Local invitational competitions are held throughout the season by various skating clubs. As well, competitions are held at the regional and national levels. Both the Eastern Ontario Section Invitational Championships (EOSIC) for StarSkate and the Skate Canada Eastern Ontario Sectionals for competitive skaters are qualifying events for more advanced competitions, and attract a great deal of interest and excitement from Minto skaters.

    The Minto Club Competition, which closes the skating season in April, provides a fun day of friendly competition that brings the club together.

    Recognition & Awards

    Skaters who achieve the highest competition results at each level in both the StarSkate and Competitive streams are declared the club champions. Trophies are awarded, and names are engraved on the large trophies which remain in the display cases in the lobby.

    At the annual Awards Banquet, the efforts of skaters at all levels are recognized by the awarding of Club trophies and certificates.

    Declaring a Home Club

    Each fall, when skaters register with Skate Canada, the skating club they choose to register through becomes their “home club.” In competitions, a skater will represent his or her home club, and is eligible to participate in events based upon this affiliation.

    Financial support is sometimes provided to skaters who represent the Minto Skating Club; funds may be available to those competing at Sectionals or follow-up competitions.

    The Barbara Ann Scott Scholarship is awarded annually to Minto home-club competitive skaters pursuing post-secondary education. Further information is available from the Club office.

    Skaters who represent the Club are eligible for the trophies and other awards presented at the Awards Banquet.