Board of Directors

President Erich Forler
Vice-President Rachel Kreft
Past President  
Treasurer Carolyn Welch
Secretary Carrie Cuhaci
Test Chairperson  
Coach Representative Joanne Hough & Tara McDougall
Club Office Administrator Colleen Karam
Web and IT Director Erich Forler
Skating Programs Representative Rachel Kreft
Marketing and Public Relations  Carrie Cuhaci
Fundraising Judy Hardwick-Kelly (non Board Member)
Special Events Director  
Nomination Committee Chair Tanya Katsoulis, Erich Forler
Skate Canada Liason Liz Clark
Risk Management Carolyn Welch
Director at Large Tanya Katsoulis, Denis Martel, Chris Parish, Wendy Parkes, Janice Tibbetts, Natalia Tsirkin

**not all Committee Chairs are board members

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