Congratulations to Analisa Love-Tedjoutomo, Zoe Gong, Anna McCorriston, Hugh Brabyn-Jones, Jeff Hough and Samantha Glavine


The Minto Skating Club is pleased to announce that six of our skaters have received awards from the Barbara Graham,the Stewart Esdaile Funds and the Paul Geisinger Scholarship.

Analisa received the 2013 Barbara Graham award as the Pre Novice (Ladies/Men) Champion of the EOS Section. Barbara Graham was the technical director of the Canadian Figure Skating Association from 1972 to 1991 and her influence was felt throughout the skating community.  She was a former National Junior Pair Champion and international judge.

Anna, Zoe, Hugh and Samantha and Jeff received the 2013 Stewart Esdaile award that was established in Stewart G. Esdaileā€™s memory by the 1984 Worlds Organizing Committee.  He was a prominent member of the Ottawa/Hull figure skating community. The award recognizes skaters who competed in previous Canadian Championships in the Novice and Junior categories and who are members of Ottawa/Hull clubs.

Zoe also is the recipient of the Paul Geisinger Scholarship: "Awarded on an annual basis to the Novice Men's Champion of Canada and the Novice Ladies' Champion of Canada."

Congratulations to all!