Challenge Team 2018


**Photos Courtesy of  Chris Parish and Rachel Kreft


Congratulations to our team of skaters that will represented Minto at the 2018 Skate Canada Challenge  in Pierrefonds, Quebec - November 29th  to December 3rd.  
We know you that you all worked hard to represent the inaugural Skate Ontario Team and your skating has made us all proud!

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Senior Ladies Pre-Novice Men
Alexis Dion Daniel Kreft Xander Kaminski

Short: 30th Place- 34.24 Points
Free: 22nd Place - 67.73 Points

Total:  27th Place 
- 101.97 Points

Short: 31st Place- 23.59 Points
Free:  26th Place -43.04 Points

Total:  27th Place 
- 66.63 Points

Short: 38th Place- 20.32 Points
Free:  40th Place -32.70 Points

Total:  40th Place 
- 53.02 Points

Junior Dance Pre-Novice Dance
Leia Dozzi &
Liam Fawcett

Alex Tinman &
Christophe Berthiaume

Short Dance:
17th Place- 37.76 Points
Free Dance:  
15th Place -58.96 Points

Total:  15th Place 
- 96.72 Points

Pattern Dances Total:
11th Place -25.63 Points
Rocker Foxtrot -  10th - 12.93 Points

Paso Doble - 12th - 12.70 Points
Free : 12th Place - 37.39 Points


Total:  10th Place 
- 63.02 Points