Congratulations to our 2016 Sectionals Team

    Congratulations to all skaters who competed this weekend and we wish lots of luck to those who are moving on to Challenge in December!  Click "read more" for the results.  Please note we have tried to make sure we have not missed anyone and the results are correct but if we have made an error please let us know so we can ammend them.


    Qualifiying Events

    Junior Ladies

    Alexis Dion - 1st Place - *Qualified for Challenge

    Junior Men

    Cameron Hines - 3rd Place - *Qualified for Challenge
    Liam Fawcett - 4th Place

    Junior Dance

    Audrey Croteau-Villeneuve & Jeff Hough - *Bye to Challenge

    Novice Ladies

    Raphaelle Leblanc -  11th Place
    Francesca Joanette - 13th Place
    Sarah Hough - 15th Place
    Madeleine Seck - 16th Place

    Novice Men

    Matthew Markell (Prescott) - Exhibition - *Qualified for Challenge

    Novice Dance

    Leia Dozzi & Liam Fawcett - 2nd Place EO (5th Place Ontario) *Qualified for Challenge

    Pre-Novice Ladies

    Chloe Hataley - 6th Place
    Laura Grasmeyer - 9th Place
    Camille Larocque - 19th Place
    Christina Owen (Rideau) - 23rd Place
    Georgia Forler - 24th Place

    Pre-Novice Men

    Jon Kubelka - 4th Place * Qualified for Challenge

    Non-Qualifiying Events

    Juvenile Ladies U14

    Vanessa Lu Langley - 1st Place
    Olivia Pasian - 6th Place
    Juliana Ye - 7th Place

    Juvenile Ladies U12

    Adele Chen - 3rd Place

    Juvenile Men U14

    Daniel Kreft - 1st Place

    Juvenile Dance

    Megan Gibbs (Rideau) & Matthew Kreft - 2nd Place
    Amy Dean & Xander Kaminski - 3rd Place
    Alex Tinman (Goulbourn) & Patrick Dunlop Ellis - 4th Place

    Pre-Juvenile U13

    Alexandra Lacroix (Gloucester) - 10th Place
    Josephine Latifpour - 17th Place

    Pre-Juvenile U11

    Illiana Katsoulis - 7th Place
    Kathleen Carroll - 9th Place

    Pre-Juvenile Men U13

    Xander Kaminski - 1st Place