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How can I support my child/student-athlete with their mental game?

Does your youth-athlete ever perform to lesser capacity than they are capable of? Does stress, anxiety, and negative emotions cause them to worry, panic, or even fear stepping on the ice? Do they ever struggle to believe in themselves, to refocus, or to remain positive?

This parent info-session will provide you with the knowledge you need to recognize how mental training and sport psychology can benefit both your youth-athlete’s performance, and their overall well-being in sport and beyond. You will learn how athletes can utilize one-to-one mental training to optimize their skill development and why adding a sport psychology consultant to your child’s support team is truly a long-term investment!

In addition to an overview of mental training, also included will be tips for supporting competitive youth-athletes, strategies on how to debrief performances, and how and why even a small amount of performance anxiety can keep us from performing to our potential.

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This information session is provided at no cost to Minto Skating Club members but if you wish to attend, please register on-line.



Kyle Stewart is a sport and performance psychology practitioner who specializes in performance enhancement, mental preparation, and the development of life skills. A Professional Member and registered “Mental Performance Consultant” of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, Kyle has worked with over two dozen sporting organizations in Ottawa and has wide variety of consulting experience within sport, performing arts, and the corporate sector. Kyle’s private practice operates through Koncium Mental Training, a growing, premier consulting business in the Ottawa region. In addition to a significant focus of his professional work consisting of working one-to-one with figure skaters of all skill levels and ages, Kyle notably ran Minto Skating Club's mental skills workshops during last year's summer camps.

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