Skate Canada, Skate Ontario, The Minto Skating Club and the Host Committee undertake no responsibility for damages or injuries suffered by skaters. As a condition of and in consideration of their entries in these Championships or performance day, all competitors and their parents or guardians shall be deemed to agree to assume all risks or injuries to the competitor’s person and property resulting from, or caused by or connected with, the conduct and management of the competitions and to release any and all claims they may have against the officials, Skate Canada, Skate Ontario, the Volunteer Team and against their officers and their entries shall be accepted only on these conditions.

    Any person who enters competitions or performance days, either sanctioned by the Association or under the control and/or supervision of the Association, or who takes Association tests, by entering such competitions or by taking such tests, grants to the Association the right to use, in such form and for such time period as the Association may, in its sole discretion choose, without payment of any fee or charge, any photographs, images, likenesses, videotapes or any other recordings or reproductions of the person or his/her performance for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the Association, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing:
    • For the training, education and development of skaters, coaches and officials; and
    • For Association promotional purposes.


    All Music used must be in the public domain or covered by the Performing Rights Society.

    Any skater that has music composed especially for their programs, either in wholly or in part shall be responsible for obtaining a written release from the composer for the use of such music on radio and television, or appropriate clearance from the Performing Rights Society.


    Refunds will only be issued for medical reasons when accompanied by a signed note from a medical doctor.