Provincial Results

    We congratulate
    Provincial champions:
    Gurshan Riarh, 1st place in Star 8 Men
    Haley McNeice (Rideau)\Brandon Yue, 1st place in Star 10 Dance
    Provincial Medalists:
    Daniel Kreft, 3rd place in Novice Men
    William Nesbitt, 2nd place in Star 5 O13 Men
    And the provincial competitors:
    Adele Chen, Georgia Forler, Juliana Ye, Naomi Tsirkin, Vanessa Lu Langley, Brandon Yue, Iliana Katsoulis, Hannah Kreft, Julia Haughian and Claire Smith from CPA Embrun
    The detailed results are:
    Novice Men                    Daniel Kreft, 3rd place
    Pre-Novice Women        Adele Chen, 20th place
                                            Georgia Forler, 22nd place
    Gold Women                   Juliana Ye, 7th place
                                            Naomi Tsirkin, 15th place
    Star 9 Women                 Vanessa Lu Langley, 15th place
    Star 8 Men                      Gurshan Riarh, 1st place
                                            Brandon Yue, 6th place
    Star 8 Women                 Iliana Katsoulis, 10th place
    Star 6 Women                 Hannah Kreft, 5th place
    Star 5 Men O13              William Nesbitt, 2nd place
    Star 5 Women U10         Julia Haughian, 7th place
                                            (CPA Embrun, skates at Minto) Claire Smith, 22nd place
    Star 10 Dance                 Haley McNeice (Rideau)\Brandon Yue, 1st place