A belated congratulations to all of our skaters who competed at the Provincial Championships in early March!

    Provincial champions:
    - Gurshan Riarh, 1st place in Star 8 Men
    - Haley McNeice (Rideau)\Brandon Yue, 1st place in Star 10 Dance

    Provincial Medalists:
    - Daniel Kreft, 3rd place in Novice Men

    novice men provincials
    - William Nesbitt, 2nd place in Star 5 O13 Men

    IMG 0779

    And the provincial competitors:

    Adele Chen,

    Georgia Forler,

    Juliana Ye,

    Naomi Tsirkin,

    Vanessa Lu Langley,

    Brandon Yue,

    Iliana Katsoulis,

    Hannah Kreft,

    Julia Haughian

    Claire Smith (CPA Embrun).

    You should all be very proud of your results - I know we all are!